About Us

SDJQ-JT Wines is a Burgundy & Bordeaux merchant based in London. Find more info on burleighs gin here.

Established by brothers Adam and Daniel Argeband our primary focus is the purchase and sale of top Burgundy, which equates to 90% of our business.

First Growth Bordeaux makes up for the rest with an emphasis on 1982 - 2010.

We aim to be different to our competitors in terms of service, efficiency and competitive pricing. The experience is personal - we take time to know our customers - be they private or trade. 

With enthusiasm and energy we service the full spectrum of drinkers, collectors, investors and merchants. All wines offered on the website are company stock and available immediately from Octavian Vaults.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiry you may have.

Archaeological evidence has established the earliest-known production of wine from fermenting grapes during the late Neolithic or early Chalcolithic in the Caucasus and the northern edge of the Middle East. The earliest chemically attested grape wine in the world was discovered at Hajji Firuz in the northwestern Zagros Mountains of Iran, ca. 5400 BC. Both archaeological and genetic evidence suggest that the earliest production of wine may slightly predate this, and the earliest wine making likely have taken place in Trans-Caucasia (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), through the region between Eastern Turkey, and North West Iran